Anna Twardowska (born 1985 in Olsztyn, Poland) holds an MA in Journalism & Social Communication from The University of Warsaw.

For many years, Anna was a TV journalist dealing mainly with social issues. She is currently active as a self-taught photographer, trained by various mentors. Anna has also completed a full year study with the Association of Polish Art Photographers (2010-2011).

She lives and works in Warsaw.


I embrace the aesthetics of minimalism, giving way to stress on the facades of everyday life.

My images are stylized abstractions of a personal struggle against feelings of claustrophobia; of being blocked, of being pushed from different directions at the same time. Feelings which seemingly clash with a longing for closeness – an intimacy and freedom so often denied in contemporary Polish society, generally driving its forces against primal instincts of tenderness while promoting all sorts of conformism: a forced embraces many don’t wish to receive.


2021 – Exhibit yourself at CSW, Centre for Contemporary Art in Toruń, PL

2021 – Polish Women Photographers, FotoArtFestival, Bielsko-Biała, PL

2020 – Fresh Eyes Photo Talents 2020, Westergas, NLD


2021 – Exhibit yourself at CSW – Photo album (Published with CSW, Centre for Contemporary Art in Toruń, PL)

2020 – Selected work included in FRESH EYES: 100 European Photography Talents (powered by GUP)

2020 – Closer. Bring tenderness to life (Self-published)